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I am a CPA with an MBA and I have been doing accounting in one form or another since about 1992, starting with my family’s company that operates gas stations, Wendy’s restaurants, and a chain of pizza restaurants. The first office was a closet in the back of one of the gas stations. That company grew by building new locations and the general contractor and I became partners in a construction company, I took care of all the paperwork and he took care of the construction work. Whenever possible I helped on the job sites, learning how to operate heavy equipment, and pour concrete along the way.

In 2001 I opened a restaurant-bar that I also designed and built. I was 29 years old and learned an important lesson: Just because you can borrow a million dollars, it doesn’t always mean you should do it. I made it a few years before I had to sell my restaurant because I couldn’t support it anymore.

Next I landed at a Hotel  and Convention Center ass the CFO. The property had just come out of bankruptcy and my incentive for taking the job was a minority ownership and the possibility that it would be turned into a casino when KY legalized casino gambling. KY never legalized gambling and I ended up running the property until 2010.

I went back to school and got an MBA, took over another restaurant/bar for a little while then bought an accounting practice. ( I hadn’t prepared a tax return since 1999) The practice was profitable but the hours during tax season were horrible so I sold it after 3 years.

After I sold the accounting practice, I started doing contract accounting work through recruiters and I started a boot company that I am still operating.

A few other things about me:

  • 5811 in the USMC reserve from 1991-2000.
  • I have a son that is in the USMC reserve right now.
  • Grew up on a farm in Walton, KY with 10 brothers and sisters.

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